Make this journey work for you!

Make this journey work for you!

The practice of mindfulness is really just that – a practice.   The way I look at it, give yourself the opportunity to explore meditation as if you were looking at a beautiful buffet of food where you have the liberty of “tasting” all that there is to offer.  When it comes to meditation, there is no “right” or “wrong” kind.  Your willingness to simply explore will help guide you to experience the different kinds and decide what kind resonates and fits best with your preference.  It is always a good idea to also do your own research, talk to fellow meditators, and read up on information so that you can soak up as much information that is out there.  Sometimes it may become overwhelming and quite frankly perhaps intimidating.  Especially for those who are very new on the journey of explore meditation.  Having been on this journey for only about 2 years only, trust me, I know how it can get and that’s why I call myself a “newbee”.  Regardless of how long you have been on the journey, I have heard by many  long time meditators, there is always something new to learn, and experiences often unfold in very different ways so do not expect the same results all the time.

Be kind to yourself and don’t have any particular expectation of this journey.  Please allow it to unfold beautifully in its own time.  Trust me – the first step and most important step, is becoming curious and being open to learn.  Given your curious mind has brought you here, and you are opening up to explore, you have already accomplished what many are yet to do.  Please realize that if you are reading this right now, this is a BIG STEP! You deserve a big high five!  

Please check out the resources section where you will find meditations that I have personally guided myself.  Based on my own personal experiences, guided meditations worked  very well for me especially in the beginning stages on my practice because they allowed me to be guided step by step through the entire duration of the meditation.  This helped me so much allowing me to be assured that I was doing things the “right”way.  Explore the resources and take them in as you feel comfortable.  Do not feel pressured or compelled to move at any particular speed or direction. Only do what feels right for you.  

This is not a race so be gentle and patient with yourself.  This is your journey, so move at your own pace.  Enjoy it and remember, I am so honored that you are here.

Farahana Surya Namaskar

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