Our Team

Farahana Surya Namaskar – Founder, the m+m series

Farahana Surya Namaskar – Founder/Creator of the m+m series is an author, speaker, mindfulness coach, and spiritual coach.  Her discovery of mindfulness and meditation began when she decided to seek answers about her life where she had iultimately fallen into the trenches of the darkest time in her life -the break up of her 7 year marriage! 

The devastation is what brought her to begin a journey where she became a seeker – a seeker finding the path to healing and purpose.  Mindfulness and Meditation started her journey of inner exploration, healing from the past and creating a future that serves her highest purpose.

As a first time meditator, she found that guided imagery meditation helped her step by step to explore the practice of meditation.  Mindfulness was an integral tool to help anchor her in the experiences of the present moment, rather than focusing on a painful past, and an untold future.   As her journey continued, she discovered the powerful impact of sound healing in meditations.  She thanks her teacher Kenny Kolter for bringing this teaching, knowledge and experience into her life.  

“I feel so blessed to be bringing these healing techniques that have personally impacted me on my healing journey to people who are experiencing similar hardships in their own life.  I feel honored to be able to help clients find love, passion and purpose in their own lives. This work is close to my heart because I am not only able to share my own journey, but also help support individuals on their own journeys.  I offer my support by holding space for my clients, meeting them where they are at, and helping them recognize their own potential, to create a meaningful, loving and purposeful life for themselves.   It’s truly a win win for all – what a gift!  The power of healing and growth is already within all of us, I merely help clients tap into their inner potential to excel and grow on their journeys.

“Since my inward journey began, I have discovered my passion and my purpose.  I am now on the path to making my dream life my reality. My most precious gift in my life is my 7 year old son who inspired me to bring mindfulness into the lives of children.  My children’s book “Doing and Being” is an illustrated children’s book about how to can bring mindfulness into our daily lives using our breath and 5 senses to anchor us in the present moment. “

To learn more about Farahana Surya Namaskar’s and her coauthoring and independent writing projects, www.farahanasuryanamaskar.com


Kenny Kolter – Sound Healer – Tibetan Bowls, Reiki, Drum Circles

Kenny approaches a gong meditation with a subtle rhythmic quality, teasing out the vast array of tones, harmonics and shimmering nuances that reside within the instrument. The result is that these sonic, mystical characteristics provide a vehicle for quieting the mind and body. He is well known in the Chicago and DFW area where he has had a tremendous impact on the communities helping them to heal through physical, mental and emotional pain. His biggest and proudest accomplishments include his presentations at the Illinois Rehabilitation Association Conference in April 2010, the Northern Illinois Rehabilitation Nurses Association in November 2010, CancerCare Services in Fort Worth, TX, Cancer Services of America, and the Compassion Fatigue Symposium in Dallas to name just a few. He has also received media attention on WFAA as well as been featured in articles in several holistic magazines. We are so proud and honored to have Kenny on our team! For more information, please visit his website at www.gongmeditation.com.

Lauren Margolies – Sound Healer, Yoga, Meditation and more …

Lauren began practicing yoga more than 15 years ago as a way to increase flexibility, but it became apparent there was much more to be found. After years of trying many different styles in several studios, she found her deepest connection with a sound-vibration based power practice. This approach connected her to the amazing gift of meditation through asana/poses, which led her to explore other meditation forms & take various meditation workshops.

After having two children, as a working mom, the importance of her yoga practice became paramount in helping create harmony in daily life. Through teacher training at The Dallas Yoga Center, Lauren discovered deeper ways to connect with meditation and restorative yoga, which once again shifted her perspective and practice.

A profound interest in holistic wellness has led her to study Ayurveda, pranayama, chakra balancing, aromatherapy/essential oils for wellness & more. Lauren’s goal as a teacher is to compassionately guide others to find more balance, peace & healing through yoga, mindfulness, sound meditation, and essential oils. She hopes everyone can experience deep connection to oneself and contentment through any style of practice, yin to yang, and take what they learn with them off the mats and into the world.

We are so honored and proud to have Lauren’s love for the body, mind and spirit as part of what we bring to you.  For more information about Lauren please visit http://laurenmargolies.com/




Pierce Baggett – Artist

Pierce has had a love for art for as long as he can remember. He doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t drawing or making something. He has a drive to create and bring to life his vivid imagination combining a perfect balance between spiritual art and imagination. We are so honored to be supported by such a talented and driven artist who understands and brings to life our vision and love for art translating it into beautiful colorful master pieces.

Pierce’s most recent accomplishment is his work as the illustrator of Doing and Being, children’s book  on mindfulness, written my Farahana Surya Namaskar.  Continue to watch this space for our creations with Pierce. If you are interested in exploring his world of art work, please follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PBART92/. Pierce also accepts orders for custom art pieces for your personal space. To bring life and color into your world, contact him at piercebaggett@gmail.com

Rafia Heerji

Rafia Heerji, B.Sc. B.S, International Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Healer

Rafia has spent 20+ years doing community service and making a difference in other people’s life. She is passionate about serving the community and humanity at large and establishing a career for herself. She got her certification as a holistic Health Coach, so she can continue her work of making a difference in people’s life. She has studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. She is the founder of HoneyLemonGinger, holistic health coaching. She believes that holistic and herbal treatments have a much better long term effect than traditional medicine because it helps eliminate the root causes of many health problems.

With her knowledge, she can help clients to co-create completely personalized actions, based on their goals to move them towards their ideal vision of health within their unique body and lifestyle which is a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.

Rafia helps busy, middle-aged men and women who struggle with weight gain, low-energy and pain so they can energize mobilize and gain back their energy while losing weight and enjoying their favorite foods. Clients describe her as “empowering, resourceful, helpful and supportive.”

For more information about Rafia please visit www.honeylemonginger.com