Who We Serve

We strive to serve communities from all backgrounds.  We believe that our service should be accessible to as many people as possible regardless of culture, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, socio-economic status or any other group.  We see everyone as one and are committed to nurturing healthy individuals, families, communities and societies at large. 

Many of the communities we serve come from low socio economic backgrounds but we wish to show up for them to meet their needs by delivering quality services and equal access to all.  If you are interested in supporting these communities with us, please let us know.  With each corporate contract we receive, we will offer our seva (volunteer service) to an under served group who do not have the financial means to access our service.  It is important that our corporate clients understand that their financial support helps us reach out further to communities that have high needs with minimal to no financial resources.  Inquire with us about how your organization can contribute/donate to our seva program.  As an advocate and supporter of our seva program, you help us with our vision to continue to serve equally to all.  

What are our clients saying about us?  

I’ve tried meditation many times, but I’ve never been able to fully experience a meditation where I’m completely trusting the guide and truly going inward. Farahana has that ability to make you feel comfortable, loved, validated, and at ease.  I’m excited about working on being a better person to myself and others because of her guidance and example.  Farahana’s story is a true testament of faith and I’m so blessed that we have crossed paths” (Toni Hooten, Cancer Care Services)

“As the CEO of a nonprofit agency, I am concerned about the risk of staff burnout. Not only has this class helped employees recharge their batteries as individuals, but it has also brought the team closer together (what a healthy bonding experience!). I strongly recommend Mindfulness Meditation to other business leaders. It is an investment that pays off in both the short-term (productivity, team building, mental health…) and with long-term benefits, like employee retention.” (CEO, Cancer Care Services)

“The meditation class was incredible.  Not only was it calming, soothing and relaxing but the feelings and techniques stayed with me throughout the next few days.  I truly believe meditation classes could be a vital part of mine and others recovery process”  (Nexus Adult Program Client)

“The meditation group was wonderful.  I really enjoyed it.  It gave me a very relaxed and soothing feeling.  Thank you so much and really look forward to this week’s session.” (Nexus Adult Program Client)

“Loved it.  I can’t believe how clear headed stress released I felt.  I have never had a clear mind like that.  Will totally look forward to this again.”  (Nexus Adult Program Client)

“Meditation was so eye opening and comforting. It was an unworldly experience.” (Adult and Adolescent Youth AYA Cancer Patient)