Our Services

We are currently operating as a mobile wellness healing service to clients in the DFW metroplex.  Whether you are working in the public of private sector, profit or non-profit sector, school or hospital settings, your wellness means the world to us and we want to collaborate with you to start your wellness journey!  We conveniently bring our services to our clients.  Our services aim to provide and all round healthy Self, by focusing on the mind, body and spirit of each client we serve.  By doing so, we aim to help our clients live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Creating the perfect balance to help you feel motivated, purposeful, effective and fulfilled is where we want to go with you!

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes for adults – We believe that our adult client population should be exposed to a variety of meditation practices so that, as you begin to explore various types and incorporate them into your life, you have the flexibility of learning and choosing the techniques that best resonate with you. Our ongoing events provide a range of sessions that you can attend. Please visit our upcoming events page for more information. 

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes for Children – We believe that the earlier we start, the better. Introducing mindfulness and meditation to our children helps them to develop and nurture their social and emotional skills during the early developmental years of the life.  We help cultivate a safe and nurturing environment at home, in schools and in hospital environments.  We are looking to collaborate with organizations that focus on the well being of children.  We strive to work as a team with parents, educators and mental health professionals to bring our services to the children in these settings.  Contact us to inquire about combining our Mindfulness and Meditation class with an author visit and book signing event for the children’s book on mindfulness; “Doing and Being” written by author and mother, Farahana Surya Namaskar

Mindfulness Story Telling – Looking to inspire your group and give them some “outside the box” perspective?  If you want to energize your audience to create energy, buzz, and give them something to think about, Author and Speaker Farahana Surya Namaskar brings to light her public speaking skills to the stage where she shares her real life experiences with mindfulness through story telling.  She combines a unique sense of humor and emotion in her stories to evoke curiosity about mindfulness that clients and audiences can take back with them.  Through her open dialogues about her personal journey with mindfulness, she opens up her heart and emotion to share her passion with a practice that has changed her life in surreal ways. As she allows her vulnerability to be her strength her humor to be her buffer, she connects with the hearts of her audiences and clients.  Namaskar shares, “it is my hope to inspire clients to begin incorporating every day practices in their own life by igniting their own curiosity through intentional and purposeful livingBe sure to expect the incorporation of guided meditation and sound healing during these sessions that ensuring a well rounded, thought provoking and inspiring session.

Sound Healing – For centuries, sound has been used as part of individual healing. The m+m series partners with talented and respected artists and healers to incorporate the effects of sound into our service sessions. Our current services include but are not limited to Tibetan bowls, gongs, drum circles and sitar. If you are interested in joining our sound healing team, please contact us to learn about current opportunities. 

Mindfulness Art –The m+m series brings its clients weekend mindfulness art activity classes to engage clients in the present moment through artistic expression. No prior experience or talent is needed. We invite you to bring your free spirit, love in your heart and a will to have fun. To join our team of artists, please contact us for current opportunities. We are happy to set up private art sessions. 

Reiki–is a form of energy healing using touch. It is the act of placing hands on the area of the body requiring healing and channeling energy between the healer and the client. The practice of Reiki is being incorporated more widely in medical settings as part of the patients’ treatment and healing. Visit our resources section for more information on research, uses and impact. Also visit our client testimonials section to learn about their personal experiences with our Reiki healing sessions. Contact us to book a private Reiki session. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team of Reiki healers for current volunteer opportunities.

Nutrition – we know and understand that healthy nutrition is an integral part of the overall well being and growth of each individual and believe that our services would be incomplete without expertise in this area.  Our nutrition services provide information workshops, presentations and cooking tips on a variety of different options and dietary theories by individualizing health and nutrition plans.  

Fitness – Moving with mindfulness, we incorporate a mind, body, and soul connection that will motivate you to incorporate discipline in the areas of physical activity to help the body maximize its strength, form and movement.  Our program will help clients identify with the unique exercise and fitness routines that will help them in feeling energized, more productive, and less fatigued throughout the day.   

We believe that creating a safe and stress free work environment is integral to help individuals work at their optimal level and this is done when we set aside time during stressful days, and allow ourselves to retreat during the course of the day.   Contact us to find out more information about how to set up weekly or monthly sessions in your private/office settings.  Be sure to check out our  online sample meditations . Inquire about our free sample meditation sessions before signing up for ongoing sessions.