Our Services

We usually operate as a mobile wellness healing service to clients in the DFW metroplex.  However, we have expanded our services to accommodate ONLINE clients in an effort to keep our clients safe during the social isolation as a result of COVID-19.

We are also expanding our reach to clients outside the DFW metroplex and offering ONLINE services to clients who are out of state as well as those outside the US. 

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes for adults 

Our classes support adults to become more present, attentive and focused in their everyday, whether at work or in the home environment.  Let us support you in nurturing healthy personal relationships with your children, spouses, extended family and friends as well as cultivate healthy professional relationships with work colleagues and clients.  It’s time to detach from the pain of the past, the anxiety of the unknown future  and simply focus on this present moment without judgment. 

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes for Children 

We believe that the earlier in life we begin the journey of mindfulness, the more we will thrive in this present moment. Introducing mindfulness and meditation to children earlier in their life, will help them develop healthier social and emotional skills.  They will be able to manage challenging situations and emotions when they arise.  Mindfulness and meditation provides the necessary tools to have better focus, attention and ability to retain information so as to thrive in a learning environment.  If you are a parent or what as a school administrator or work in any professional field with children, we want to talk to you about engaging young minds in mindfulness today.  Don’t forget to ask us about how we can incorporate an Author Visit and book signing event for the children’s book on mindfulness; “Doing and Being” written by author  Farahana Surya Namaskar.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Corporate Environments:

How do you ensure success in your work environments? 

Employee wellness is key for a thriving, productive and profitable work environment.  We want to help your employees manage daily stress, fatigue, prevent burnout and ensure employee retention by offering our corporate mindfulness services to your teams.   Talk to us about regular customized mindfulness workshops, lunch and learns, and team building seminars.  We can bring our services to you, or we can offer them online. for team building we can bring to you at your location or online.  

Sound Healing

For centuries, sound has been used as part of individual healing. The m+m series partners with talented and respected artists and healers to incorporate the effects of sound into our sessions. Our current sound healing services include Tibetan bowls, gongs and drum circles.  

Customized recorded guided meditations

We provide customized pre-recorded guided meditations for individuals and groups for private sessions/events.  You determine the intention of your meditation, the focus area you wish to bring into practice and the length of your meditation.  Take your customized meditations with you wherever you go!  Meditate in the comfort of your own sacred space and in your own time so that it works for you! Inquire about ordering your customized meditations today.

Reiki–is a form of hands of healing using the palms of the hand. The Reiki practitioner channels the Universal Life Force Energy and passes it to the client with the intention of healing.   The practice of Reiki is being incorporated more widely in medical settings as part bringing a sense of calmness, easing anxiety and stress.  This is a completely non-invasive method which is known to bring a sense of peace and ease to the clients undergoing the Reiki treatment.  

Please visit our upcoming events page for information on how to get involved and connected with us to benefit from our services.   

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