Mindfulness in the work place

Mindfulness in the work place

On a daily basis, whether we work a 9-5 job or we are business owners/entrepreneurs, we can all agree that work can get stressful and worrisome.  We are trying to get that pay raise, we are trying to get the commission, we are trying to close a deal … whatever it is, we are running the rat race of “doing and making this happen”.  We feel the the work place is one of those places where the doing mode takes over.  Our robotic autopilot mind takes over, the “logical” brain is on over drive and we usually will have a very clear vision of what the outcome of a certain situation should be or look like. 

We have been hard wired to attaching ourselves to an outcome of a situation.  We are inundated with deadlines and we are spinning our wheels trying to meet them.  

Sometimes, though we feel the stress and realize that it is impacting our productivity or quality of work we are producing, we continue to push and push and go, go, go!  

As a mindfulness and meditation coach, we want to help bring a balance between doing and being in work environment.  We want to help create work environments where employees are able to manage stressful situations more, feel less anxious about upcoming deadlines and feel fulfilled in their work spaces because they are able to detach and let go to ground themselves in situations when things are out of their control.  

For the ease and convenience of our corporate clients, we bring services in mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, yoga and Reiki to your work settings.  We would love to hear from you to discuss how we can work together to create a stress free, productive and nurturing professional work environment in your place of work.  Please contact us for information on our corporate packages.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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