Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness for Children

As a mother of a 6 year old boy and a divorced woman, I have experienced first hand, the impact mindfulness has had on my son and myself.  I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as mindfulness two and a half years ago.  I simply realized that I need to heal and I needed to help my son heal.  I had 3 choices; 1) hold on to the past and continue to be angry and resentful about it 2) suffer from anxiety about the unknown future, or 3) find peace in what is, and find a way to be intentional about focusing on the present moment.  To keep myself sane and mentally healthy for my son, I opted for option 3, and so began the journey, a purposeful effort to try and make every moment in my present count!

My son has been my biggest inspiration on my mindfulness journey.  He inspired me to write Doing and Being and it has been AMAZING!  I will never forget the day the book first arrived at my door step.  That night, I sat down for bedtime reading with my son, held my book in my hand and read it to him.  It was the most surreal magical moment ever!  I reflected on all the times I had read to him in the last 5 years admiring all the authors whose books we read.  I recall thinking, “how cool would it be if I wrote a book one day?”  We all have a dream, and when we believe in that dream, we can make it happen.  We just have to trust in the timing of it all, but have faith that our dreams will come true!

As a mother, author, speaker and mindfulness and meditation coach, I aspire to bring these practices to as many parents and children as possible.  I believe that there is so much to learn and the practice will help our kids grow socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am a big advocate for encouraging children to be real, open and honest about their feelings.  I encourage my child, especially as a boy to not be afraid to admit to how he feels.  I let him know that sadness is just as important as happiness, anger is just as important as joy and excitement.  I want him to always feel safe no matter what!  I want him to know that vulnerability and sensitivity is a strength, NOT a weakness.  I wan to teach him to be compassionate kind and grateful!  I never want him to feel judged, or less than just because he has moments where he is struggling emotionally.  We as parents, educators, counselors, principals coaches etc. must value the importance of ensuring that our children feel safe.  I want my son to love and respect himself for the beautiful boy that he is.  I want him to celebrate humanity as one and see his peers as another human being.  I want him to embrace and celebrate diversity, and see oneness in all of God’s creation.  I want him to recognize God in himself and see God in others. 

Children must have a strong understanding and feel comfortable with expressing their emotions. They should have the necessary tools to help them channel difficult emotions in healthy and safe ways so that they are not inflicting pain suffering or harm to themselves or peers.  Bullying and aggression does not need to be their way of releasing stuck, frustrated and unexpressed emotions. 

As a mother, I ask myself, what part can I play in all of this?  The work I do is my testament and commitment not only to my son, but to all the children out there.  In my capacity, I WILL do whatever it takes to nurture, love and commit to the safety of our children.  

As parents, if you can also commit to begin practicing and incorporating mindfulness and meditation in your own lives, you will help reinforce this message to your children and help nurture healthy relationships as well as safe and loving environments in our homes, in our communities, in our schools and in the world at large.  

Please contact me for information on classes, speaking opportunities or any other events.  Thank you for your interest.  Many blessings, love and light to all!  Namaste.

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