Inward Journey

Inward Journey

The memories of the past are just that, they are simply memories.  They did not end up controlling me, but rather, have helped shape me to become all that I am and all that I am yet to become.  The hurt, anger and resentment that I had held for so long started a journey of evolving and discovering myself.  My experiences have prompted me to ask some important questions, thus, bringing light into a life which I saw as dark and bleek.  Days that were once filled with fear are now behind me.  I face my present moment with conviction, faith and an ongoing growing strength and purpose.  My ego and fears had suppressed parts of me for way too long preventing me from discovering my dreams, my light and my potential.  I was too busy living under the demands of other people’s expectations of me.  I had allowed myself to silence my inner voice for too long, but finally things had to change.

The break up of my 7 year marriage jolted me hard.  I perceived it as an epic failure that topped all failures I had ever experienced.  Enough was enough and that’s when the journey began.  The inward journey to discover who I was and what I was here for became the ultimate goal; a desperate desire to answer some very important question.  “What was the point of this?”  “Why was I here?”  It was time to find out!

Meditation and mindfulness started to peal away layers slowly, allowing me to become introduced to my self.   It took courage, it took perseverance, it took the will to face my fears.  It took embracing and accepting all that I was, all that I had become and allow myself to just sit with it with kindness, with compassion, with love and with forgiveness. 

Today, reflecting back, I would not change a thing because my adversties have taught me about courage, strength, will, passion and faith.  My yesterday created a brand new me today and for that, I am forever grateful.

 I now move forward in my journey sharing my story with the world.  We do not need to be shamed by who we are and what we have been through.  It is only when we let go of our past, that we are able to embrace who we are right now, and look forward to who we are yet to become.  

Remember, every single life experience, every single person, every single decision we have experienced and faced had to come to be, because it was teaching us things about ourselves we would have never otherwise discovered.   

I invite you to embrace all that you are, love yourself, accept yourself and forgive yourself, because from this point on, your life will change if you so wish.  It will be epic … just go with the flow and just know, you are never alone.  The Universe/God will always have your back.  Just have faith.

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